What is Aalto?

Aalto is the destination for off-market home sales. It offers homes for sale not available anywhere else.

How does Aalto work and why does it exist?

Aalto is powered by agents from the world’s best brokerages. Today’s cutthroat world of discount brokerages, direct buyers, and agents-on-demand has inspired a race to the bottom in real estate. We’re working toward a different future, one where quality agents rise to the top as they deliver more service, a better experience, and outsized results. If that sounds like you, we’d love to see what you can do with Aalto.

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Join our Team

We believe that a small team of professionals with deep mutual trust can accomplish great things. As a result, we hire carefully and source most candidates from our professional networks. That said, if you have a passion for real estate and are interested in joining the team, send us a note, we'd love to hear from you. The Aalto application is built on what our development team affectionately calls the “N.E.R.D.” stack: Node.js, Express, React and Distributed persistence stores.

Your Questions, Answered

Aalto is free to use for buyers and sellers. Agents can post as many Private Listings as they like and the full suite of analytics tools are also entirely free.
We only charge when Aalto is responsible for facilitating a home sale. When that happens, we charge $500 per million dollars of the final sale price to each agent.

Yes, but not on a traditional MLS and we don’t recommend sharing the home address in order to protect seller privacy. Aalto only features true off-market listings. If you choose to put a home on an MLS, be sure to change its status on Aalto to “Moved to MLS.”

We’re here to deliver unmistakable value, so much that you’ll be happy to pay the fee in the event we help to facilitate a deal. In all other cases, including cases where the buyer originated elsewhere, you don’t pay us anything. It’s that simple.

The following should be true about a buyer before you invite them to Aalto. They should be…

  • Actively looking – Buyers should intend to buy a home in the next 0-24 months.
  • Pre-qualified – They’re pre-approved by a mortgage broker or you, their agent.
  • A current client – If they’re working with a different agent, they should join under that agent or transfer to that agent.

Every Private Listing has a unique URL. Simply copy and paste the web address and send it to a client or colleague. Because Aalto is a private platform, the recipient will need to have a free account before they can access it.

We expect to gain your trust as you use the product and see its benefits but to start, Aalto’s founder was born and raised in the residential real estate business. His parents and brother are active agents so he’s always had a passion for the industry and empowering agents to grow.

Privacy and security are core values and top priorities at Aalto. Our practices reflect this. 
For the more technical among you, that means we encrypt all data transiting public networks with secure cipher suites via the Transport Layer Security protocol. Our data is also encrypted at-rest using industry-standard AES encryption. Additionally, Aalto’s systems are divided into separate networks to further protect sensitive user and listing data. 

No. Aalto does not employ real estate agents and it does not represent buyers or sellers. We have a brokerage license which we use when referring new clients to our agents who use our platform. Any time we refer to “Aalto agents” we mean agents on our platform.


Aalto is a Finnish surname meaning “wave.” Finnish architect Alvar Aalto is widely recognized for making waves with his “modernist masterpieces with a human touch.” We at Aalto strive to bring the same sensibility to the way homes are bought and sold.

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