The Smart, Modern Way to Sell Your Home

You and your agent get top dollar with Aalto

Aalto is the Destination for Off-Market Home Sales

The standard for the rich and famous, selling off-market is gaining mass appeal due to its proven ability to secure top dollar and seller privacy.

Sell for More

Off-market earns a 10.1% premium in Marin County

Sell Smarter

Get inquiries and offers without listing publicly

Sell on Your Terms

Choose your own agent, move date and more

How Aalto Works


Your agent lists your home off-market with Aalto.


Agents and qualified buyers receive a real-time alert.


Your agent gets inquiries, feedback and offers.


Sell with Aalto, or decide to list traditionally.

Add Pocket Listing to Aalto
Email notification off-market sale
Get Inquiries on your off-market home
Sold dropdown - home sold off-market

Aalto is free for sellers and buyers. If we facilitate a sale, your agent pays us a small fee.

The New For Sale Sign Off-Market

We call it a Private Listing for a reason

Aalto doesn’t share your address. No ‘For Sale’ sign, no open houses.

Top Marin Agents Negotiate Off-Market

Demand more from your agent, not less

The trend in real estate today is a race to the bottom. It’s about cut-rate brokerages offering cut-rate client experiences. We’re working toward a different future. We want to empower remarkable agents who drive disproportionate value and wonderful experiences for their clients. That’s why we let you choose any agent you want while earning an average of 10% more by selling off-market with Aalto. That’s the big win. Nothing cut-rate about it.

Your Questions, Answered

If you don’t sell off-market with Aalto, you can still market your home the traditional way through your local MLS. The best real estate agents pursue both strategies in parallel.

Of course, work with the agent you’re most comfortable with. Aalto is open to all licensed agents.

We sure can. We’re happy to recommend top-performing agents who have a history of delighting their clients. Just let us know you’re looking when you request access.


Aalto is a Finnish surname meaning “wave.” Finnish architect Alvar Aalto is widely recognized for making waves with his “modernist masterpieces with a human touch.” We at Aalto strive to bring the same sensibility to the way homes are bought and sold.

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